The Navy Co – Ord

The Short Of It

Navy Blouse  £29,99

Navy Trousers  £29,99

Backless Court Shoes 





If you are ever stuck with your work wardrobe be sure to watch my latest Youtube video!

I try on a number of chic work wear outfits that are all affordable, fashionable and transitional throughout the different seasons!

The Long Of It 

So these past couple of weeks have been so Hectic with a capital ‘H’! So much so that I even started to forget to enjoy the moment and actually live each day as if it was my last.

Bottom line is when so much is going on you may feel like nothing else matters but it does. Your life “in the meantime “matters. I always preach this but its hard to follow your own advice sometimes ….so word to the wise don’t be a worrier and just enjoy the moment


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