The Short of It 

Bodysuit  £29.99

Jeans – Zara £12.99

Court Shoes  – Miss Selfridge £27.30


The Long of It

For some reason I wasn’t feeling my birthday this year… ( 10th August Leo season Yaaay)

I tend to get like this most birthdays (emotional) but still excited. This year despite the love, prosseco and heartfelt card from my amazing boyfriend presented to me on my birthday eve ( I know he did good right) I still felt sad.

It could be for a number of reasons;

I’ve started to notice my body change drastically IE I can no longer eat what I want then prance around in a size 8

the fact that I hate odd numbers and Im 27 ewww.

My health isn’t at its peak anymore and I’m not where I want to be in life! No kids no ring, yet I know Im not ready for either of those things ( yes I have double standards *shake my head*)

I mean I know I preach on here to be grateful to be positive and I do live by these statements MOST of the time however I often have bad moments and this birthday was one of them.

It only actually just hit me now 6.40pm 23rd Aug . That ahh I am actually so blessed. My whole immediate family are alive and healthy. Don’t get me wrong like everyone else in the world we have our battles but health is wealth because its’ one of the only things we have no control over so if we are good its’ good!

I have a guardian angel for a boyfriend that would litrally do anything for me. He has encouraged me to do everything I’ve feared doing in the past including this blog and Youtube channel and without him I wouldn’t be on my way to achieving and ticking off my bucket list.

I have loyal friends who I don’t talk to all the time but when I need them they are there. I have achieved so much in my life this year more than any other year and I know if I strive and work hard to stay positive 100% of the time its only going to get better.

Life is a puzzle but at the end of the day we have it. We have a life!

Last week I had so many random signs ( you know how I feel about signs and they were saying don’t compare yourself to others. Be it your job, your boyfriend your body shape, your skin, your hair, your instagram page theme… the lot.

I’m guilty of this, and I bet most of you wouldn’t even have a clue! So it just goes to show you don’t know what, how people feel or what influence you have on others – meaning you just see the surface.

My God sister told me how much she looks up to me and how much I inspire her. It meant so much to me because she inspires me.  But we didn’t know this about each other until we actually spoke about it.

My other friend says she compares her achievements to mine. I was so shocked and told her no to and I do the same as her I compare myself all the time and rubbish what I have achieved because I haven’t achieved everything I want to yet.

Most of us are guilty of it. Another friend said she doesn’t compare herself to anything or anyone and immediately I was like I need to be more like her.

There I go again …why am I not like her?.

BUT I will never be like her and shouldn’t beat myself up for it! lol

It’s silly isn’t it at 27 I still don’t feel 100% confident or happy with all my achievements. To an extent it is human nature to always want/ work for more but today it dawned on me that whilst we work on that happiness is everything and only we can make ourselves happy

  • not our friends
  • not our family
  • not our job
  • not out intsragram page

Yes its cliche and we hear this all the time  but it doesn’t always resonate.

It happened to me randomly and in your time it will happen to you. If you are reading this post it is 100% a message for you and I hope this helps you enjoy the rest of the year with happiness and gratefulness for life.

We only get one. it’s our own story. We write it so enjoy, be happy and remember God’s timing is everything.



x x x x x




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