I started a YouTube channel in 2017.

The short of it

I started a YouTube channel because I’ve been thinking about it for years and this year I promised myself to peruse everything my heart desires!

I love the fact that with video you can engage more with an audience and move and model clothes so the channel is an extention of my blog.


The long of it

Timing wise its probably theee worst time to start! I mean every other person has a YouTube Channel. It’s the new IPhone.

  • Yes I did think whats the point theres so much competition?
  • Will anyone watch?
  • Will my channel grow?
  • Will it be successful?

But  then I thought “You don’t know until you try and its as simple as that!


There’s competition in all industries so that’s not really a valid reason not to start.

So I thought of all scenarios and decided to stop over thinking it and just do it. It’s better to try than fail to try.

Now I have a channel that shares all my favourite interests  thats fashion, beauty, afro haircare and travel.

Check it out and dont forget to like share and SUBSCRIBE * YouTube voice lol *



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