Court shoes

The Short of It

Backless Court Shoes  Miss Selfridge – £27.30

Pleated Skirt – Charity shop £7

White top – Topshop £20

Coat – H&M £20

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The Long of It

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break!!! Lent has been difficult because I gave up dairy bread and meat on Fridays! I have really missed sandwiches and pizzas and I’ve eaten way too much fish and chips but to be fair my waistline is looking a little better first thing in the morning!!

On a serious note though it’s so easy to forget what Easter is about and when I was younger I used to go to church with the family every Sunday. That’s not been the case for years because I kind of grew out of the Catholic practices due to new insights about the religion and interest in other christianities but also because I’ve become too caught up in life.

I have always and still believe that its not necessarily church that is the important thing in religion. What is important is a persons personal relationship with God. I mean a prayer in the toilet is better than no prayer at all and a rap to God is better than no communication at all. Some people even forget God and start going to church for the priest or pastor.

The other day my mum randomly reinforced to me how important it is to pray to God every day and every night even if its just to say thank you.

It’s so true. Good health and life are suc  precious gifts that not every human being get to experience. So those of us that are blessed enough to know nothing but good health and life should not wait until something bad happens in order to communicate with God.  One of the things I will forever be grateful for my mum is for taking me and my siblings to church every week. I truly believe that the religious foundation we have instilled in us will always live in our hearts to the point where we know who to call on and how to find superior comfort when life gets peak. I will deffo do the same for my kids because even if they drift from church when they are older (like I did) they will always have that extremly necessary faith in their life.

Until then I will say my thank you’s to God every morning and every night (on the good days and bad) to show my appreciation to God for blessing me with everything around me that I take for granted when ‘life’ takes over. God is love.




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