Stripes and Florals

20170325_123326.jpgShort of It

Skirt – H&M £39.99 ( still available in store)

Jacket H&M £20 ( sale)

Jumper – Zara £17.99

Sunglasses – Raybans £125

Shoes – Topshop £59.99

20170325_123346The Long of it 

Last week, on a sunny Saturday as I was dancing away to some old school tunes, it suddenly occurred to me how truly blessed I am. It finally resonated that life is what you make it so if you even want to change anything, e.g. your job, your finances, your fitness even your boyfriend. It is always possible and you are in control because we all have a choice. I’ve learnt to be grateful and happy about my situation because I’ve made the choice to live it. Yes we cannot control what life throws at us but we can control how we handle it and we can handle anything if we really really want to. Everything is so much better when you realise you are never trapped, you start to see all the positives of your situation. On that note have a great week everybody !!




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