The crop top



The Short of it

Crop top – H&M £4.99

Black sheer top – Zara £19.99

High waisted trousers – H&M £29.99

Bluchers with fringes  – Zara £29.99


( *These are all links to similar style items because I bought what I’m  wearing a while ago and you’z lot know about recycling!!!)


The Long of it 

Recently I’ve been going through, and noticed a few people close to me going through a bit of a hard time. Life is full of highs and the lows have become really  dominant lately. We are ofcorse all entitled to some down time ( at home we call it the Dunya -In Islamic terminology, the Arabic word Dunya means this world — and its earthly concerns and possessions) and to be honest  I have been Dunya’d off for what it feels like at least once a month!

Without my family I probably  would be still in that frame of mind. There is something about being around loved ones that lifts up your spirit and at your lowest times you probably feel like being alone but trust me company and talking to someone is best.


On that note I’m back to reading my self help books and so far I have learnt anything that comes our way We Can Handle It. we are stronger than we think and also so blessed to have an army of family and friends to help us through it. the next time you see a member of your army just give them a big hug and say thank you. Sometimes I feel bad for sharing my state of mind because I don’t want them to worry at the same time a battle fought by two is better than one and that is what family is for. Remember to tell them when everything is OK though so they sleep at night!

It’s the small things that count

x x x




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