Uganda 2017

2017 and we start how we mean to go on!!!

It was my mums 51st birthday and the only place she wanted to celebrate was Dubai. So me being the travel fanatic that I am, I decided it only made sense to relax in Uganda for a few days and visit Dubai on the way back.

Uganda is the Motherland and MY Grandma and cousins live out there so I jump at any opportunity to see them!

Without babbling on too much here are the highlights of my trip this time round;


Sesse Island

A lovely getaway from the organised chaos of classic Kampala. If you want to breathe in fresh air,  see only views of green land, breath-taking Lake Victoria, miles and miles of Palm trees and maybe even spot some wild monkeys ( which by the way are completely harmless) then go here!!!




The easiest way to get to Sssese Island is by a ferry at Entebbe which is a 3 hour ride from shore to shore.


I would recommend staying at Victoria, Forest Resort 

Here are more activities you can do on the Island




Food/ Restaurants

OH where do I start on this one? The best way to explain it is by the time I left Uganda I felt like I never wanted to eat again.  At each meal I felt like I still had food from the last.


The food in Uganda is so tasty. I definitely prefer eating the local food than the more Western food. Basically in my eyes Café Javas is overrated.

Instead I loved a restaurant called Bistro near Acacia Mall which served up an epic curry.  It’s highly rated on TripAdvisor so if you don’t believe me they’re a great back up.


Their menu offers a lot of choice and portions are extremely generous.

Other restaurants that offer Western and traditional foods and buffets are Speke resort Nyanja Restaurant  and 2K restaurant.




Ps- I highly recommend you try  fried Tilapia with chips and salad you cannot go wrong

Clubs/ Bars

Bubbles Irish pub or great for karaoke on a Monday

Big Mikes outdoor and indoor  great for a drink

Cayene outdoor great for a Sunday ( their chips are dope)

Club Play ( best music in my opinion)


Speke resort

I love the swimming pool there it’s so clean, and the palm tree view is beautiful. The entry price includes use of the gym, steam sauna and pool all day.

Tip: Entry is free if you ask to use the spa. You can get your nails done if you don’t want to swim!




I was well excited to find out Uganda has Uber! My first through was how does it work because there are no road names

But you can type in the area, book the car then call the driver to confirm exactly where you are.


Is cheaper than Uber because it is calculated per mile. It’s a great option if you’re leaving a club there are always plenty waiting

Happy Travelling !!!


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