Brown Ankle Boots

The Short of it

Hey gang,

Today I bring to you beige boots!!!

These are the two that have stood out for me ( during my online and random window shop)

Zipped leather ankle boots £49.99




I love these because they are a dark tone ( so not too far from black) and have a black detail on the zip which will look cute and coordinated on a black outfit and will stand out on a nude one!

Biscotti Italian Suede Bootie    £49.99 ( alternative option)

I like these ones because of the lace. I like the wrap detail it will make everything it’s worn with that bit more dressy and grown up.


I’ve been on the hunt for them for sometime now but obviously I always get side tracked with other cute black boots.  Everything looks sooo good in black and black goes with everything.

However sometimes when your wearing those nudes or creams you just really need brown/ beige shoes. I am sooo trying to stick to wardrobe essentials and boots are one of them. These are both comfy pairs too because I’m not about that uncomfortable shoe = corns life lol

Now just to decide which one to get…  Do you have a favorite?

x x x




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