Off Duty Look

The SHORT of It

Jumper – H&M £29.99 ( similar style)

Legging Zara – £19.99

Leather Boots H&M – £49.99

Cap – Topshop


It’s the first of of Jan and for once I don’t feel the doom and gloom of the supposedly “worst month of the  year”.

Instead I feel completely happy and grateful for my life and everyone in it.  I’m excited for what’s to come and I hope you all are too!

What I do feel like doing though is dressing down. Something cozy but obviously always cute. So the this is is my Off Duty Look.



The Long of it

I won’t bore you with declaring my last year highlights  and telling you to write your goals down as I’m sure you’ve come across that alot everywhere in Media. Although it’s true and very helpful I wanted to remind you all…

Not to forget how blessed you are, if your’re reading this you’re alive, hopefully you’re healthy, your’re family are healthy and you have all of life’s necessities!
Everything else is a bonus.

YeeHHH it’s important to make goals but remember everything is one step at a time. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember to live 😗


P.s -I’m totally obsessed with motion pics atm








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