Self Portrait Inspired Dress

The Short of It

Ok so I know the majority of the Christmas parties happened last week but do you know what your’re wearing on Christmas day yet?



Now that I am 26 ( argh… basically nearly 30 *deep breath) I am really consciously making an effort to look sophisticated. That means cute, stylish but still covered up.


Crinkled Frill Dress  £29.99

Shoes     £56.00

(Unfortunately I can’t find the dress on the website as it was bought in store so I have the links for a similar style dress at the same price and the actual shoes)

1482186672868Luckily I have brothers who used to make comments if anything was too short or too revealing, and I thank them for that because I don’t know about you, but when I was younger I really did used to think the shorter the better… ( I know right)


Anyway this dress is super cute because it reminds me so much of the Self Portrait dresses  that I can’t afford right now!

Basically it’s a mixture of long and short, it has layers, it has holes lol and yet it’s covered up. It ticks all the boxes and it’s a bargain.


This is a perfect little number to celebrate with the parents, in laws and there will be no comments from any brothers. ( not that I’ve had them in years but there’s always room for slip ups). Also the colour looks really expensive and will coordinate so well with the Christmas tree ( maybe)



The Long of it

Christmas is a great time to remember how blessed we are. Obviously we are too old to count presents, but lets not forget the real present especially at this age, is being blessed enough to be able to celebrate with your loved ones. Life is full of ups and downs so if your family and friends are healthy and alive what more could you ask for or want..





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