The Short of It

So as you know I’m addicted to dark colours when it comes to clothes and shoes!!!. Every time I’m in the shop I find myself walking towards the black items and now I have way too many black shoes…

I’m trying to change up my wardrobe to a slightly lighter palette but one of the things I cannot deny is I’m also trying to remain minimalist and go for the practicality as well as durability.

I’ve noticed that my dream as a little girl working in the city with high heels is an absolute myth! I’m sooo not about that life unless I am driving or being driven lol

So on that note here are my top three favourite FLAT Mules…

Zara – Lined Leather Mules    £45.99



A great alternative to UGGS. Half the price and way more fashionable. Ps you can wear socks in them.

Next – Sporty Mules  £18



A Bargain!!! Preppy, suitable for work and oh so comfortable

Mango – Metallic slingback shoes £59.99



A great way to introduce a metallic item into the wardrobe. I love the silver bar and will work both for the winter and summer season.

The Long of It

I have been moaning a lot lately about various things. A few people have said to me and I have read in few places

” When you do something do it well. If you don’t want to do it its better not to do it at all”

Its important to give 100% to what you have committed yourself to because it is only fair to yourself to always try your best with what you are involved in, plus you never know what may come from it. At the same time it’s ok to try before you commit, until you find something you have no problem committing to, because when you do find something you actually enjoy/like/love it will be so easy to do your best.

 x x x


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