Faux Fur Coats

The Short of It

Happy Monday!!!

Usually I am not one to condone shopping sprees such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday (because to be honest most of us can end up spending recklessly). HOWEVER if you actually need an item such as a warm coat, and it is 9 degrees outside but feels like 2 degrees in your office, then you might be thinking “it’s time to get a new jacket!”

Today (CYBER MONDAY by the way) is a good day to buy because some shops ( eg MANGO) have good discounts 20% off to be exact.

I have picked out my favourite fur jackets because I think they are really warm, fashionable and playfully. It’s nice to have a fun item in your wardrobe especially if you go for nude, dark block colours which is what  I always seem to always be attracted to. A fur jacket is the best way to add some texture to your look.

Here are my top 4 Faux Fur jackets;

1.Long Faux Fur Waistcoat with Hood – £69.99

This is the ONE. It screams luxury and Royalness and the Emerald green is OH so Expensive!!


2. Short Contrast Coat £69.99

This item takes the fun one step further with the different shades of cream and beige, the movement and the stripes. You get two trends in one with this coat and will deffo stand out I the room.


3. Belt Faux Fur coat – £119.99 NOW £95.99

Love the belt detail on this. Great way to synch in the waist.


4. Faux Fur Coat £89.99 NOW £71.99

The colour is the best thing about this coat. Berry is always a Go To winter colour


The Long Of it

Obviously we are well and truly IN snuggle season. It is important to recognise and appreciate those who show you love. Sometimes it’s easy to remember mistakes or the hurt someone has caused and forget all the love and kind gestures they have given you. We are all human at the end of the day so it’s inevitable to fall into one of these scenarios at some point, luckily we have time to change this, receive and give back this love especially those who deserve it.

Completely random point but I am random lol, I watched the Tom Ford movie Nocturnal Animals. OMG guys you have to watch it !!! I mean the fashion, story line and acting are all so on point!! The film will cause so many emotions. The message that stood out for me was

“ If you love someone you don’t just walk away you make it work you may never get that love again

So I’ll leave you with that thought

x x x

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