Velvet Mules


The Short of it

Velvet Mules £29.99,


Now that we’re officially living in temperatures under 10 degrees and the Christmas lights are up, its officially the count down to the festive season. The influx of Christmas party invites from work, the girls and obviously the fam are about to commence…

There is nothing worse that not knowing what to wear so I found these GLAM mules that tick the velvet, dressy and trendy boxes. These are black and can be thrown on anything eg, a  pant suit, midi dress, a jumpsuit, even jeans …

I know I need to stay away from black items ( because I have waaaaay to many)… but anything black is always a great investment and at £29.99 you cant go wrong.





The Long of it

Timing is everything. Sometimes we have to live through what seems like a time in our lives that will never pass. At the same time it is important to differentiate when its timing stopping you from pursuing what you want or fear. If you need help always ask God or meditate. That peace and voice within will help you.

x x x

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