Patterned Scarf

Hey gang sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days … and a few posts behind but I’m back with some cute accessory find!


The Short of it

Patterned Scarf  £7.99,

As the weather is changing itself up and I am currently into the first few days of that inevitable cold it is important to wrap up. Especially with a scarf.

Like get your legs out if you want  yes winter outfits look cute with some skin on show… but always make sure the chest is covered.

This is my favourite scarf at the mo! I’ve had a few people ask me where it is from so I thought it would be fitting to share



It’s not quite the time to go for the full blown knitted 2 meters long cable scarf so this is an elegant, silk look  ‘grown up’ alternative. As it has so many colours on it you can brighten up a black outfit or wear it with anything pink, navy and mustard;

Plus it’s warmer than you think!


The Long of it

Always trust your gut. Sometimes you talk your gut down because you’ve invested so much time into something but if it’s not right you only end up wasting more time.

Listen to your inner voice/ instincts they are there for a reason

x x x

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