v-neck body






The Short of it

V- neck body  £19.99, Midi Skirt  £49.99 ( also from H&M but not on the website *difficult*

Sticking with the ( flirty) theme this body is revealing in all the right places. The narrow straps at the back are what got me. Perfect for the seasons all year round. You cant go wrong with a classic black top. I love this skirt, it cinches in the waist and has a crazy undercover split. The yellow just adds that extra exciting flare and will work during the festive season.



The Long of it

Sometimes when you feel a certain way and you can’t quite describe your feelings in a logical sentence, there’s always a certain song that just resonates with you ( your thinking OMG that’s so true). Its PERFECTION. You might be feeling  like shit but then because these words describe and reveal exactly how you feel, a smile creeps up on your face coz you think “OMG someone else feels like this too” and you just know ITS GOING TO BE OK. In the meantime you rinse the song until your bored of it but at that point some serious healing has take place so we THANK GOD for music.

My song of the moment is  Cranes in the Sky – Solange Knowles 

x x x

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