Wrapover Jumper







The Short of it

H&M Jumper, £29.99, H&M stirrup trousers, £29.99.

I LOVE the detail on the back of this jumper and these trousers really hold you in in the  right places.

The Long of it

I was skeptical about some of these photos because a hair was out of place, a spot was on show or my stomach looked bloated. Then I remembered gosh its not that deep! None’s perfect and our flaws are what make us individuals. They also help us appreciate a good day lol

The word ‘imperfect’ actually spells ‘I’m perfect’ because everyone is perfect in their own imperfect way.

x x x

4 thoughts on “Wrapover Jumper

  1. I can’t believe I’m the first one to like this. The camera guy responsible for this got skills!
    At first, I was loving this post for the photos and then I got to the copy and loved it even more.


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