Style – Palazzo / Wide Leg Trousers

Spring is officially here (YAY) but if you’re like me and you don’t like being cold you’ll still be lugging your huge winter jacket to work then taking it off before you jump on the sweaty tube!

_MG_0915This weave doesn’t help either because its like a permanent helmet (pros and cons to all things in life). It is the perfect protective style (and its cute when I actually take the time to straighten it section by section  *long) as its not a leave out but the fringe was proper itchy in the beginning ( its all good now though).


If you bought your festival tickets for the summer a while back you’re probably  planning your outfits (like I do at the most random times) and my go to item this year is the trousers  with multiple names so I’ll list them all… 70’s TROUSERS, PELAZZO PANTS  and  WIDE LEG TROUSERS.


I mean as I’m 26 this year *cries* I feel a little grown up ( apart from when I’m doing the cringiest dances with my 14 year old baby brother) so I thought my choice of festival ensemble should reflect this.

When I shop I’m always attracted to the blacks, whites, creams, badges, basically all of the neutral colours in the shop. Then in the summer if I decide to go for colours I’m all over the bright, bold patterns. I like bold statements, textures, and prints. It’s kind of like an extreme or nothing ( my boyfriend has often given me the side eye on more than one occasion but he knows the deal)


For the festival I’d deffo team this up with a cute crop top. White  actually (surprise suprise). I actually already have the perfect top but it is hung in my wardrobe waiting for a non bloat day and also a warmer day ( see top worn in The Travel and Stle – Uganda Post). See grown up it was sensible to wear a blazer in 8 degree weather x

In the meantime the trousers were from Forever 21 and the blazer from Zara (both bought last year). Only because you find the best items when you don’t plan to spend!!!! They literally just stand out like a sore thumb then you know you have to take it because it will come in handy…


So  similar items I have found to achieve this look are;



Pelazzo Pants

Lace up heels (  DISCLAIMER – I would not advise heels at any festival)!!! the  only exception would be wedge wellies

Ps: if you don’t wear footwear with a bit of height s you might face an embarrassing trip because these trousers are extremely long!






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