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I couldn’t wait to share this one with you! I don’t know if I’m the only one that does this but sometimes I walk into a shop usually Zara and I see certain items that make me gasp ( *ohh)


This time it happened to me in H and M the PREMIUIM QUALITY collection!  I’m sure you’ve seen it but for those of you that don’t know they have 100% real leather,suede, silk, wool quality items that vary from £19.99 – £199.00 (high street bargain)


When I saw this dress I thought

‘Right I’m gonna try this on and if it looks nice no matter how much it is I have to buy it’

The dress fit perfectly (yay) but typically it was one of the items in the whole store that had the tag missing.


I started convincing myself why it was such a good buy as I walked over to the till because I’m meant to be saving right now

  • It’s black ( so it will go with everything)
  • It’s warm ( sensible for this time of year)
  • It’s classic ( the fringe trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon)
  • It’s long ( I need more longer items in my wardrobe)
  • It’s versatile ( I can show a bit of leg if it’s appropriate or cover up when I need to like for this picture it was freezing)


Then I got to the till and I found out the dress was reduces from £79.99 to £10. I couldn’t help but grin at the cashier who was just as pleased at the reduction!


Moral of the story is if an item in the shop ever makes you gasp and you have the money to purchase it get it!! Those are the items that you’ll always look at and think I’m so glad I have this 🙂


I’m wearing 

As it was last season’s stock here are the  links to H and M  Premium Quality Collection and Miss Selfridge to achieve similar looks!

Dress- H&M

Ankle boots – Miss Selfridge


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